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Comptes rendus de matchs

Le Compte Rendu


Alors le premier match de la saison en un seul mot – décevant, et en une phrase – pas une bonne performance pour CFP – mais pour en savoir plus continuez à lire……


We arrived in Nice, nice and early, some people already in bikinis, but the 1st problem of the weekend soon presented itself = un manque de soleil sur la plage L. Ensuite on a fait un bon tour du village et nous avons commence notre échauffement (….les escaliers pour monter vers l’église) et bon, deuxième problème du weekend = un manque d’une belle vue!!  Après un peu de « team-bonding autour d’un verre….c’est a dire dès que notre coach a trouvé le resto !!!


Un réveil tôt le dimanche pour faire du jogging to help release the endorphines!! Un petit-déj après et voila le troisième problème (plutôt pour Karen!!) = que du lait UHT!!!


12h30 Kick-Off

CFP n’a pas mal commencé le match avec quelques bonnes passes à droite mais Villeneuve Loubet (VL) a mis la pression vite sur les filles de Paris et ont avancé vers notre but mais nous avons bien défendu. VL then started finding space in the middle of the pitch and CFP struggled to put in clean tackles. The result – a penalty stroke contre CFP: 1-0. Malheureusement 5 minutes plus tard l’arbitre n’a pas vu le pied utilisé (par accident bien sur) pour arrêter une balle devant le but de VL après une bonne attaque du coté gauche de CFP. D’autres beaux shoots de CFP went wide of the goal. Et puis VL continuait a attaquer vers nos buts et a réussi: 2-0, 3-0 et finalement 4-0 juste avant la mi-temps.


Dans la deuxième mi-temps VL continuait à faire des grands shoots par le centre du terrain whilst CPF struggled to find space to clear the ball and build our game. CFP persisted and won several short corners but failed to convert. Unfortunately VL converted 2 short corners in the 2nd half to make the score 6-0. Alors le quatrième et aussi le cinquième problème du weekend = unable to convert opportunities and poor game constructions on the pitch.  The game wasn’t made easier by the strength of VL’s ex-international players!


So overall not the best start to the season but with a motivated team and some hard work at training, ca va arriver! De ca j’en suis sur.


ALL THAT SAID the weekend wasn’t all bad – au moins l’Irlande a battu l’Australie en coupe du monde de rugby !


Voted MVP (most valuable player) du match: partagé entre Lucile, Rachel et Karen


Merci aux supporters, la sœur d’Iris, Claire et son copain – bravo pour le face-paint!!


Moment du weekend : quand Robyn, qui ne connait même pas sa force, smashed her wine glass in the restaurant !!!!


L’Equipe de ce dimanche : Yolande, Karen, Marine, Oria, Miranda, Lucile, Sarah, Robyn, Rachel, Aimee, Luciana, Catherine, Iris, coach Flo.


Compte rendu rédigé par Aimee

We all arrived in anticipation at our CFP home pitch for the second match of the semi final against Cauchois. Having only played the day before, we were all feeling like a good warm up was needed! With a great turn out from CFP supporters, we took to the pitch in fighting spirit, heads held high, ready to defend our 3-2 win from the previous day.

CFP started out strong, with good constructive game play and rapid ball movement. We had a few attacking advances within the first 10 minutes before a heavy rain set in, adding to the challenge! The forwards worked hard and CFP had 2 near goals. Cauchois then had two fast breaks in the middle; seizing two windows of opportunity to score 2 goals before the end of the first half (4-3 to Chauchois).

After a stern but motivating team talk lead by Florent, our coach, CPF were energized again to re-establish control of the game. CFP came out strong and affirmative, creating good movement of the ball to remain in possession. Both teams fought hard and the fighting energy was high on the pitch. CFP then came through with a well earned goal when a ball was played in from the left into the attacking circle to Vicky, who positioned herself on the right post for a deflection; making the score 4 all!

Despite CFP’s determination, both teams fought with equal tenacity until the end of the game was signaled with 4-4 still remaining on the score board. This meant the game would have to be resolved in a 7 minutes 30 each way Golden Goal play off! After a quick replenishment of water, CFP and Cauchois then went head to head again to race for an instantaneous winning goal. The 14 minutes seemed to pass by very quickly with only a few near chances for each team. The final whistle blew and we knew then that it came down to penalties…!


CFP huddled to gain composure and 5 of us were picked to make the penalty shots against the Cauchois keeper. Tension ran high as Yolande, the CFP keeper, and the 5 chosen girls got ready to battle it out to the end, on behalf of the rest of the CFP team. After swift instructions from the referee, everyone knew what they needed to do and the penalties commenced. All 5 girls put 100% effort into the penalty shots, but unfortunately it was Cauchois who came through to win the game by gaining a difference of 4 to 2 on penalties.


CFP had a fantastic match and despite losing by the skin of our teeth, we all came off the pitch feeling proud and satisfied that we gave everything we could. Amazing game to all the CFP girls…what a fantastic end to the 2010/2011 season.

The team: Yolande - Karen, Marine, Hannah, Oria - Justine, Robyn, Sarah, Lucile, Josephine - Luciana, Lelica, Aimee et Vicky

Coach: Florent et Alex

Supporters: so many! :-)

Aimee had a dream.. it came true two minutes into the game when Lelica skillfully found herself one on one with the Keeper and scored a stunning goal to get CFP off to a roaring start. CFP started on a high and took advantage of Cauchois finding their feet. Before we knew it, Luciana was fighting hard in mid-field, passed the ball to Robyn in the circle and Aimee deflected the ball into goal. Nice team work ladies! Only seven minutes in and CFP up two goals - we needed to ensure the momentum gained in the opening few minutes was maintained. Backs, mid fields and forwards harmoniously worked together.. so much so that 11 minutes in, Sarah finds the back of the goal with a beautiful strike. CFP continued the first half on top of their game - however, as the clock ticked forward Cauchois were slowly winning confidence and trying to penetrate the CFP defense. They managed to score before half time. Not a very attractive goal but enough for them to get their name on the scoreboard.


The second half saw Cauchois coming out more organised and hungry for the ball. Cauchois won a free at the 25, took an auto-pass, weaved seamlessly through the CFP line of defense to lift the ball past Yolande. What a game - supporters and players alike could not have hoped for such an exemplary display by CFP and a nail-biting game of hockey. No doubt we started to fatigue in the second half - some slight injury worries didn't help but moments of excellence were displayed by many such as when Victoria singlehandedly won CFPs only attacking short in the match. CFPs experience and relentlessness shone true.


For tomorrow's game, CFP must continue the fluid passing and sensible play demonstrated today. CFP will be playing on home turf and will be ready to play Cauchois and prove that today's game was no fluke. Undoubtedly, Cauchois will be looking for a fight but CFP thanks to our dedicated band of supporters (thank you for coming today), the drive and energy Coach Flo has instilled in the squad and finally the fighting spirit of the team will most certainly prevail.


Tomorrow we hope all our dreams come true.


Who is ready to kick some Cauch*** ass?

The team: Yolande - Karen, Marine, Hannah, Eva - Justine, Robyn, Sarah, Lucile, Luciana - Lelica, Aimee et Vicky

Coach: Florent et Alex

Supporters: Dadou, Pierre D, Julien, Oria, Pablo, Vicky's father, Marine's father, Marine's uncle and Marine's cousin

Amiens. Sunday. 13:00.

Last league match.

We arrived at Amiens not only wanting to finishing with a win the regular league matches, but also to prepare the play-off semifinals (regardless of the result we had already qualified in 2nd place). There was also, of course, a good rush of motivation inspired by ... previous trips to the north.

The first half was rather slow for CFP (I'm going to blame the weather), but we had numerous goal opportunities that we failed to secure. Nontheless, we moved the ball very nicely around the pitch creating good spaces. However, it was Amiens who managed to score first, closing the first half, 0-1.

In he second half, CFP ball movements improved, and so did goal opportunities, but with frustration in the attack also came a loose of pacience in the attacking lines. This is when Amiens managed to score another goal. 2-0.

Despite the result, it was a positive game with a nice display of hockey tactics. Us attackers are simply saving the goals for the two semi-final play-off games this weekend. Wait and see. Wait and see


Supporters: Pierre (a.k.a the paparazzi), Guillaume, Florent, Joanne

Team: Yolande, Marine, Justine, Paca, Karen, Hannah, Victoria, Josephine, Lu, Sarah, Aimee, Lelica,Robyn, Lucile

Compte rendu rédigé par Vicky

Que de nouveautés pour ce samedi 02 avril à Montrouge : les maillots tant attendus étaient enfin arrivés ! La panoplie complète était remise à chaque joueur avant le début des rencontres. Et nous pouvions compter parmi nous un nouveau venu : Constantin, le fils de Barbara. Nous n'avons malheureusement pas pu étrenner ces nouvelles tenues par des victoires, puisque les deux matches contre PJB (nos copains d'entraînement) et Asnières se sont soldés par des défaites sur le fil.


Dommage mais ce n'est que partie remise. L'équipe reste sur le podium et les tournois qui arrivent seront déterminants si nous voulons rester dans les trois premiers du championnat. La course est serrée en tête.

Rendez-vous à St Germain le samedi 07 mai.




L'équipe présente à Montrouge : Clémentine, Arthur, Adrien, Constantin et Gaspard.


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